Tunes 4 Good is a Vancouver, BC based grass-roots organisation that wants to make music available for everyone, everywhere to those who want to listen to, make or teach music.


A few of us have always been involved in the music scene, either behind the scenes, on the stage or in the crowd. In early 2013 we decided to step up our involvement and started the OrangeYVR Sound Sessions hosted at ING DIRECT. Every last Thursday of the month we hosted musicians who played acoustic sessions for an intimate crowd. Everyone who came in and listened made a donation with 100% going to SingItFwd who supports the St James Music Academy, making music instruments and lessons available to kids in Vancouver who didn’t have easy access to music education. These Sound Sessions still happen, so make sure to follow @Tunes4Good to see who’s playing next!

Who Is Tunes4Good?

1. We love music

2. There are others that love music too, but might not have easy access to instruments or music education. We support local organisations that bring people and music together and try to provide equal opportunities for everyone to enjoy music. 

3. We need to make sure that musicians are supported so everyone can continue to listen to their music and create a sustainable music scene for the up and coming.



Why does Tunes4Good exist?

Tunes4Good wants to make music available for everyone, everywhere to those who want to listen to, make or teach music.




We believe in acting on a local level. Support existing communities and organisations that bring people and music together and be a driver for financial and in-kind donations to those in need. Provide musicians with platforms and give them the tools to show their talents, so others can continue to enjoy their music.



Mission Statement

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